Donatella Salvato

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Donatella Salvato comes from a family of talented carvers and inlayers, graduated from the Master of Graphic Arts and studied cello at the Padua Conservatory. She has worked as an inlayer for 25 years, gaining a deep knowledge and skill in everything related to wood. She made her first guitar under the guidance of Maestro Giampaolo Manica. She learned bow making with Maestro Aloysius Lanaro and carving with Davide Burgio.

To experience different schools of luthiery she visited José Romanillos in Spain, Michael Batell and Kazuo Sato in Germany and Jan Tulacek in the Czech Republic. She also studied historical work from Antonio de Torres, Robert Bouchet, David Rubio, Daniel Friederich to José Romanillos, reworking historical designs based on sensitivity and current sound needs. She has exhibited at important Italian and European festivals.


Donatella Salvato Luthier
Via Saint Maurice 33
35010 Curtarolo , PD
Padova IT