Duggan Smith

product types: 

  • bouzoukis
  • mandolins
  • acoustic guitars
  • electric guitars


Tony Duggan-Smith was inspired to start making guitars by instrument maker/repairman Rufus Stewart. He learned his craft initially by studying instrument repair with Steve Darke. He then travelled around folk festivals, before applying his art skills to creative pearl inlay work and apprenticing with Jean Larrivee both in Toronto and Victoria. Following his time with Larrivee, he became head repairman for Ring Music in Toronto under Bill Wager and Michael McLuhan. He went on to work with George Gray which included designing electric guitars. During these years he was writing and playing with the Canadian band, Pukka Orchestra. After receiving two major Arts Council Awards he was able to study archtop design and construction with his friend Linda Manzer who had previously studied with Jimmie D'Aquisto. In 1984 Duggan-Smith & Manzer had worked on a concept together that has become known as the 'Manzer Wedge'. His archtop studies with Linda segued into working part time on her instruments for the next 12 years while building his own commissions. Currently he is spending more time on his own instruments, he builds primarily archtops, and flat tops but sometimes makes octave mandolins or bouzouki guitars.

Source: Tony Duggan-Smith website (30 March 2017)


Tony Duggan-Smith Toronto , ON
Ontario CA