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Maurice Dupont studied construction engineering at the Engineering Faculty of the Bordeaux IUT, the University Institute. Whilst there, he discovered the craft of stringed-instrument making and decided to take it up. By the age of 17 Maurice had built a dulcimer and, at 18, an electric guitar using instructions in a DIY magazine.He then went to Paris where he learned instrument making with Jacques Favino, George Brassens's guitar maker. Now qualified, Maurice made a hurdy-gurdy which he showed to the manufacturer CAMAC in Nantes and was taken on there as a musical instrument maker. In 1981, he settled in Boutiers, near Cognac in the Charente, in a 500sq ft building. From the beginning, he devoted himself principally to making guitars, but also repaired all types of instruments. Concentrating on classical guitars he paid particular attention to the wood-working side, but at the same time sought the best tone. This constant search for quality later led him to work with Roland Dyens and Roberto Aussel. In 1989, Maurice Dupont received the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France - Best French Crafts person - for the production of a classical guitar.

In 1986, Maurice made the first copy of the Selmer-Maccaferri type of guitar at the request of Lucien Viollet, a gypsy guitarist with the band Romano Swing. These Gypsy guitars have since become the leading product of the workshop, representing about 50 per cent of guitar sales. The remainder of production is represented by classical, steel string, flat top, archtop and electric guitars. Maurice has also made instruments to special request, like the Hawaiian guitars Weissenborn, acoustic bass, electric bass, banjos and even folding double-basses. Maurice Dupont is a keen collaborator and has trained over 30 people. Several of his former apprentices have turned to marquetry, cabinet making or have even set up their own workshops, for example, P. Ducroz (Savoie), J-P Sardin (Barcelone), A. Mazaud (Normandie), F. Bélier (Gironde), C. Huort (Vienne).

Source: Maurice Dupont website (30 March 2017)


Maurice Dupont, Cognac Workshop
20 rue de Port-Boutiers
16100 Boutiers Saint-Trojan , A16
Charente (16) FR

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