product types: 

  • cables
  • cabinets
  • preamps
  • solid state amplifiers
  • EQ effects
  • chorus effects
  • compression and sustain effects
  • delay effects
  • distortion effects
  • flanger effects
  • fuzz effects
  • octave and pitch effects
  • overdrive and boost effects
  • volume and expression effects
  • wah and filter effects


EBS is a Swedesh company which makes amps, cabinets and effects for bass guitar players. EBS was founded in 1988 by Bo L. Engberg and Mats Kristoffersson when they released the EBS-1, rack-mounted preamp.

Source: EBS website (13 February 2022)


EBS Sweden AB
Grindstuvägen 44-46
16733 Bromma

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