product types: 

  • tube amplifiers
  • delay effects
  • other effects
  • electric guitars


Echolette was a German manufacturer of electronic amplifiers and effects units,  founded in the 1930s by Arthur Klemt. Echolette made tube amps, a disc echo system and vocoder effects. There were also Echolette electric guitars in the 1960s, but these are much rarer than the amplifiers and effects. Echolette was sold to the Dynacord company in the 1980s. The Echolette brand name was later aquired by the German music distributor Thomann who now sell Echolette amplifiers.

Source: Echolette website (5 April 2017)


Echolette Amplification c/o Thomann GmbH
Hans-Thomann-Strasse 1
96138 Burgebrach