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Echopark Guitars is owned and operated by Gabriel Currie. On graduating from high school Currie began working at the G&L Guitar Company in Fullerton, California eventually running the body making department.  In 1992 he went to work at Hosono Guitar Works in Glendale, California for the Japanese builder Tak Hosono.  At Hosono he worked on building prototypes and making the USA custom neck-through models for Ibanez and Sadowski along with Hosono’s mail order custom built necks and bodies.

After leaving Hosono Currie started his own company – G-String Guitar Works – in Pasadena, California, doing mostly set-ups and repairs - but he still managed to make 300 guitars in the period 1999 to 2006. In 2006 Gabriel decided to finally start his own company to make 100% handmade, traditionally styled electric guitars. In 2010 he moved his workshop from Pasadena to Echo Park, in the Bedrock Studios compound. His workshop moved again to a secret location within Echo Park in 2012 and the Echopark brand was officially established.

Source: Echopark website (10 February 2017)


Echopark Handcrafted Guitars
Echo Park
Los Angeles , CA
United States
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