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Egypt Guitars was a Scottish brand established by Maurice Bellando and James Cannell in Glasgow. Between 1985 and 1987 they produced a range of original electric guitar and bass designs with Egyptian sounding names. Their models had unique counter balanced, offset body styling, slim, easy access, two octave necks and practical ergonomic design.

There were three series of Egypt models: the Karnak, Pharaoh and Luxor series. These series differed in woods used and in electronic configurations. Each series had two guitar models (the Isis or the reverse bodied Osiris) and two bass models (the Nefertiti or the fretless Nofretiti).

The Karnak series instruments were the most affordable, with basic hardware and electronics, solid mahogany or ash bodies and maple necks and Schaller pickups.

The Luxor series was the middle of the Egypt Guitars range, with multiple laminated necks and bodies plenty of finish options and custom Egypt Cleartone pickups. The Luxor models had ebony fingerboards with pyramid inlays.

Top of the range were the Pharaoh models, also with ebony fingerboards and mutliple laminate construction but faced with exotic figured woods. The Pharaoh models also had active electronics.

After Egypt Guitars, James Cannell (A.K.A. Jimmy Egypt), a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, worked in furniture and product design for a while but eventually returned to guitar repairs and is now proprietor of Jimmy Egypt's Guitar Repair Shop with a client list that includes just about every top Scottish band of recent years. Jimmy Egypts Guitar Repair Shop is located in CC Music Glasgow, where Cannell is also a partner.



Jimmy Egypt's Guitar Repair Shop (CC Music)
33 Otago Street Kelvinbridge
G12 8JJ Glasgow
United Kingdom