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Leo Eimers established Eimers Guitars in 1995 in Almere near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Besides being a guitar builder he is also a guitar player who played rhythm guitar in the gypsy jazz band  ‘Mojo Swing’ for many years. He is a true fan of gypsy music and Django Reinhardt in particular, who never succeeded in finding a good (and affordable) gypsy guitar in the style of Selmer\Maccaferri, so he decided to build his own. He is a self-taught luthier and fascinated by this specific type of acoustic jazz guitar.  He uses his experience from adjusting and restoring guitars like Selmer, Favino, Busato,Castelluccia, Di Mauro to inform the voicing and design of his own models.

Source: Eimers Guitars website (9 April 2017)


Fioringrasstraat 13-15
1313 LB Almere

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