Enrique Garcia

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Enrique Garcia (1868 - 1922) was a Catalan luthier. He was born in Madrid - the son of a guitar maker Juan Garcia. In 1883 started an apprenticeship with Jose Ramirez. and ten years later in 1893 his instuments won a medal at the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition. His labels from then on depict this medal. He left Ramirez in 1895 to start his own workshop in Barcelona. By the turn of the century he was among Spain's most important guitar makers. His guitars had a world wide reputation, and were often made for export to Latin America. On his death in 1922 his only apprentice Francisco Simplicio took over the workshop.

Source: Siccas Guitars - Enrique Garcia 1909 (4 June 2020)



Enrique Garcia
Paseo de San Juan, 110
Barcelona , BA
Barcelona ES