product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


The first E-Ros guitars were made between 1966 and 1970 by the Fratelli Fuselli Company (Fuselli Brothers) in Recanati, Italy. Most of their instruments were flat top dreadnought acoustics. The range included the 6 string 606 Dakota and 606 Arizona, the 12 string 612 model also known as the 612 Nevada. Some came with a pickup, these models were designated 606-E and 612-E.

According to, the similarity between E-Ros guitars and Eko Rangers suggests that the Fuselli Brothers were making guitars for Eko during the mid 1960s. When the Eko factory was ruined by fire, the Fuselli Brothers started selling their guitars themselves, under the E-Ros brand.

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Most E-Ros guitars were distributed in Europe, but some E-Ros guitars turned up in the USA in the 1970s bearing the Eko logo. It is likely that Eko bought up some of the E-Ros unsold inventory.

The EROS brand name (without the dash) reappeared in the 1970s, on a range of Japanese made guitars. For example in the UK musical instrument distributer Rosetti's 1977 catalog there are a number of EROS models. This Japanese Eros range included acoustic guitars, electric models based on the Gibson range and a Fender Precision style bass guitar.