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Kent "Carlos" Everett has been building guitars since 1977 and is mainly self-taught. During the 1980's, Everett worked for and later owned the Atlanta Guitar Works - the premier repair shop in the area. While repairing guitars during the week Kent was also making guitars in the evenings and weekends. He was making a variety of archtop, semi-hollow, solid-body electrics, acoustics, Dobros & mandolins at the time and even patented an electric guitar design. In 1990 Everett was able to close the Guitar Works and began building full time - opening Everett Guitars a one man workshop focused on handmade high-end acoustic guitars. By the mid 1990's Everett Guitars was making over 50 guitars a year with a network of dealers across the USA and Europe. Everett launched the Laurel Series in 2000 - these guitars (128 in total) were made in collaboration with Terada in Japan. In 2003 Kent decided to reduce his workload and now makes 20 high end guitars each year.

Source: Everett Guitars website (2 September 2020)


Kent Everett Atlanta , GA
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