Fabio Zontini

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  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Fabio Zontini was born in Milan in 1971. His early interest in luthiery was confirmed by a visit to the workshop of master luthier Carlo Raspagni in 1992. He enrolled in the Civic School of Luthiery in Milan and graudated 1996 with the diploma of Master Luthier Restorer. Over the next decade he focused on making classical guitars in the manner of Antonio De Torres, Francisco Simplicio, Robert Bouchet, Hermann Hauser I and Pietro Gallinotti. he continues to hand craft guitars, participate in national and international exhibitions. and lecture in the field of classical guitars in Italy and abroad.

Source:Savage Classical - Fabio Zontini (12 January 2022)


Fabio Zontini Olle , TN
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