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product types: 

  • solid state amplifiers
  • tube amplifiers


Futuristic Aids Limited (FAL) was a company in Leeds founded in the 1970s, UK who specialised in budget solid-state PA and lighting equipment, aimed at the moble DJ. There were also FAL instrument amplifiers and in 1979 FAL aquired the Roost guitar amplifier & cabinet company. The FAL company was founded as an offshoot of Linear Products Limited of Leeds, both companies sold their products through the RSC chain of shops as well as Sona Electrical in Leeds.

Source: Andy Duke - Roost history (29 October 2018)

Source: Champ Electronics - The Linear Products Company (29 October 2018)


Futuristic Aids Limited
Henconner Lane
LS13 4LQ Leeds , WYK
United Kingdom
West Yorkshire GB