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  • acoustic guitars
  • bass guitars
  • classical guitars


Jacques Favino was born in 1920 in Piemont, Italy but moved to Paris with his family in 1923. Favino apprenticed at Busato guitars. Jacques started the Favino workshop in 1946, where he made larger bodied Gypsy Jazz acoustic guitars based on the Busato style. although he moved around a bit his best known workshop was at Rue de Clignancourt 9 in Montmartre, Paris. In 1973 he was joined in the business by his son Jean-Pierre Favino (born 1953). Jaques Favino retired in 1978 and passed away in 1999. The 1980 Jaques Favino & Son catalog features a wide range of acoustic guitars - from Gypsy Jazz style, to classical, steel string dreadnought, jazz archtop and even acoustic bass.

Source: Djanobooks.com - John Freidrich's Favino archive (1 May 2017)

Source: Favino catalog 1980


Atelier de Lutherie Jaques Favino et Fils
9 Rue de Cliqnancourt Monmartre
Paris , A75
Paris (75) FR