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  • mandolas
  • mandolins
  • acoustic guitars
  • bass guitars
  • classical guitars
  • electric guitars


Luigi Ferrarotti was born in Robella di Trino (Vercelli) in 1878. Ferrarotti was a farmer but was also an enthusiastic musician who played in his local community band. He moved to Turin with his wife and family around 1900  where be began working as a carpenter for the Belgian Society Tramway, but still taught music. He began making guitars and mandolins. His instruments were displayed at the 1911 International Exhibition of Turin and received an award. This encouraged him to become a full time maker of mandolins and classical guitars. He established a workshop first at corso Casale and then in corso Vercelli, where he stayed until 1954 working alongside his son Dionysius. Fuelled by the expanding popularity of the guitar in the 1950s the Ferrarotti business moved into larger premises on the via Thures. Luigi Ferrarotti (grandson of the founder?) became involved in 1965 and the company also began making semi-acoustic guitars and electric basses, while still specialising in classical guitars. Luigi's son Roberto Ferrarotti became the owner of the company in 2012.

Source: Ferrarotti website (8 May 2017)


Ferrarotti Chitarre
via Thures 10
10142 Torino , TO
Torino IT