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The Ferrers are one of the great traditional Granada guitarmaking families. The tradition started with Benito Ferrer (born in 1975) who although he began as a medical student eventually established a guitar making workshop in Calle Santiago, Granada. His nephew Eduardo Ferrer, born in 1905 in Granada, came to work with him in his early teens.

When Benito died, Eduardo took over the workshop, both had trained many of Granada's guitar makers. Eduardo went out to Japan from 1966 to 1968 to teach Yamaha's luthiers classical guitar making skills. Although Eduardo Ferrer admired innovation and experimented with new designs, he always came back to the classic designs of Torres and of his uncle Benito Ferrer.

Antonio Durán Ferrer was Eduardo's son, born in 1940 and who went on to learn the trade with Antonio Marin and Manuel Lopez. Antonio lost his arm in a workplace accident in 1957, but started his own workshop in 1958. Antonio's son, Eduardo Durán Ferrer (born in 1965) carries on the family tradition using the traditional building system learned from his father and grandfather.

Source: Eduardo Durán Ferrer website (8 May 2017)


Eduardo Durán Ferrer, Constructor de Guitarras de Concierto y Flamenco
Calle Cristo de la Yedra, 10
18012 Granada , GD
Granada ES

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