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  • electric guitars
  • Bass pickups
  • Humbuckers
  • Strat pickups
  • Tele pickups


Peter Florance made electric guitars and pickups in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Florance made custom electric guitars by hand and equipped them with his own Voodoo pickups. Voodoo pickups were completely hand made by Florance. The coils were hand built, hand dipped, hand wound, soldered, potted, magnetized, then checked, then metered and the ohms were written on the packing card. These pickups were built to vintage standards using specially sand cast Alnico magnets and wire made to correct vintage specs. Hand wound to the specific vintage coil patterns. Then aged with a special process. Peter Florance died in 2019.

Source: Peter Florance website (archived 2004)


Peter Florance 18431 Honesdale , PA
United States
Pennsylvania US