Frame Works

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars
  • electric guitars


FRAME Works Guitars are handcrafted in small quantities in Germany by Frank Krocker and sold exclusively directly.The FRAME GUITAR consists of a full-length neck with two removable side parts, the so-called Frames. The strings are attached to a tailpiece at the end of the fingerboard - using a headless design with the tuners below the bridge on the body. The bridge has individual string saddles to adjust intonation and string height and each one is equipped with RMC pickups. FRAME Works offers 6,7 and 8 string classical nylon stringed versions as well as steel string and baritone options. All relevant features such as scale length, neck width and string spacing are kept to the familiar dimensions. The weight of the ’Classical Guitar’ model is about 2.2kg.The tone wood for most FRAME Works Guitars is Mahogany and Ebony. Other woods are Khaya, Cedro and Maple. MIDI Guitars are available on request.

Source: Frame Works website (26 May 2017)


FRAME Works Guitars, Frank Krocker
Stadtplatz 95
D-84489 Burghausen