Fructuoso Zalapa

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  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Fructuoso Zalapa Luna is a maker of fine classical guitars in Morelia, Mexico. He was born in 1961 into a family of guitar makers in Paracho, Mexico, where he began his apprenticeship at age 10. In his late teens he left for Spain to spend several years studying with various luthiers including Felix Manzanero and Manuel Cáceres. His studies continued in the late 1980s in Mexico City at the National Music Conservatory. His guitars have received numerous awards and in 2019 he was awarded the Maximum Award of the VI National Contest "Great Masters of the Artisan Heritage of Mexico 2019", held in the city of Tlaxcala, Mexico. During the 1990s Zalapa studied with Jose Romanillos, Thomas Humphrey and Antonio Raya Pardo.

Source: Fructoso Zalapa website (23 February, 2021)


Fructuoso Zalapa Luna Morelia , MIC
Michoacan MX