product types: 

  • tube amplifiers
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Frudua Guitar Works was established by Italian luthier and guitar consultant Galeazzo Frudua. Frudua operates a number of other guitar and amplifier brands, as well as teaching guitar making


Galeazzo Frudua: The Valve Amplifiers , c/o TBE S.r.l.
Via della Tecnica, 51
40068 San Lazzaro di Savena , BO
Bologna IT

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I just bought a red vib 60gr - x  in a pawn shop here in Canada, AND I LOVE IT!

( I am disabled and have to buy deals - what a deal, they didn't know it was a tube amp)

I was surprised to learn it was connected to Galeazzo, whose guitar videos I have been watching for years on youtube.

I play my hundred dollar cad strat copy, whose whammy stays in tune, or my ibanez sa 160, or my MIJ lawsuit LP,  through this amp, and I am one very very happy camper!

What a fantastic clean sound - it's a great blues amp! My guitras LOVE this thing!


With total repect to all of the folks involved in the creation of this amazing little flying machine:


Dan LeCamp.