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Gartone Amplifiers is a boutique UK tube ampllfier company, founded by Martin Garton. Garton's journey into electronics began during his school days when he started building radio kits and a fuzz pedal. Afterward, he spent 8 years working as an autoelectrician and gained a qualification in electronics.

During the mid-nineties, Martin collected reissue amps and began enhancing and modifying them. His interest expanded to vintage amps like a 1967 Pro Reverb, followed by other vintage Fender and Marshall models.

Over time, Garton's reputation grew, and he started repairing and restoring vintage amps for others based on word-of-mouth recommendations. In 2001, he built his first amp, a plexi 45, and then spent a year and a half refining it. This marked the beginning of his passion for amp building.

In 2003, Martin officially founded Classic Amp Co and started professionally crafting amps, focusing on reproducing high-quality tweed amps with components that were no longer in production. As time passed, he shifted into making black face and plexi style amps in addition to tweed models under the name MG Amplification.

By 2009, his designs had evolved, and he rebranded as Gartone Amps. Gartone began producing their own circuit designs on custom-made chassis. The range expanded to include around 15 different amp models and numerous custom-built creations.

In recent years, Gartone amps have gained recognition, appearing on stages at various music festivals and gigs across Europe. These amps has=ve been featured on TV shows such as Jools Holland and radio sessions on Radio 2. Gartone clientele includes both professional and semi-professional musicians and enthusiasts, with notable users including Larry Gott of James, The Coral, Paul Farr, Simon Brady, Steve 'Billy' Buckley, and bands like Cast and The Charlatans.

Additionally, Martin has provided service, setup, and repair work for prominent artists like Johnny Marr, The Buzzcocks, Albert Lee, and James Burton during their UK tour in 2012.

Source: Gartone Amplifiers website (30 August 2023)


Gartone Amplifiers
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