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George Bauer was a Philadelphia luthier who made guitars and mandolins from 1890-1910. This was at the same time as S.S. Stewart, banjo maker and it is probable that Stewart branded guitars and mandolins sold in the mid-1890's were made by Bauer. Bauer formed an official partnership with Stewart's sons in 1898. The Stewarts moved from their 223 Church Street, Philadelphia shop & factory to the Bauer's address in 1016 Chestnut Street forming the Stewart & Bauer company. 

During the twenty years the Stewart & Bauer Company existed, instruments were sold under both the George Bauer and the S.S. Stewart brand names. In the early years of the partnership at least, the S.S. Stewart brand was used for banjos and George Bauer for guitars and mandolins. Sears, Roebuck and Company also sold Bauer guitars and mandolins under its Acme Professional label. The Bauer brand name disappeared after George Bauer died and the Bauer & Stewart Company was sold after 1910.

Source: Ron Cook Studios Bauer Repair log

Source SS Stewart banjo and guitar journal


Stuart and Bauer
1016 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia , PA
United States
Pennsylvania US

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