George Bowden

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  • acoustic guitars
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George M. Bowden, born in New York in October 1920, and passing away in Palma de Mallorca in January 2003, played a significant role in the guitar industry. After moving to Mallorca with his parents in the 1930s and later relocating to Canada post-World War II, Bowden opened "The Mediterranean Shop" in Vancouver. This shop, among other items, sold Spanish guitars and proved successful. This success prompted him to establish his own guitar-making workshop. Originally conceived as a business venture, the workshop, initially named "Los Guitarreros de Mallorca," began operations in 1964. Over time, it evolved into the "George Bowden Legacy School." Bowden continued crafting guitars even after retiring, focusing on perfecting sound until his passing in 2003. His legacy endures through acclaimed guitar makers like Michael Dunn in Canada and Antonio Morales, his successor in Mallorca. George Bowden's life was deeply connected to the guitar industry, driven by a passion for craftsmanship and a quest for excellence.

Source: Antonio Morales website (4 June 2024)


George Bowden
45 Calle Del Mar
Palma de Mallorca , IB
Illes Balears ES