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Girl brand's James C. Larsen makes guitars as they should be made, each one is a work of art and great fun. Money is not the bottom line with this guy! The guitars are loosely telecaster shaped, but in James Larsen's hands the telecaster is clearly a canvas for artistic expression. Necks are maple with ebony or cocobolo. The bodies have an outside rim of anodized aluminium, with a wood core. The backs are phenolic or formica on birch plywood, and the tops can be almost anything: formica, linen, plastic, zinc, rusted steel, street signs!

Each guitar is based around a concept, with matching materials, inlays and graphics. For example HoopsGirl has a top carved from a gymnasium floor. CheeseburgerGirl has a hollow compartment in the body with a cheeseburger and fries. The 2 options on the pickup selector are always a dichotomy that mirrors the guitar's concept: With/Without, Man/Woman, Love/Hate, Heaven/Hell, Birth/Death and so on.

Dave Schecter designed the pickup system, each has a transformer with taps to vary the level and tone. This gives around 15 different tones from just the switches. It is safe to assume that these guitars sound nothing like a telecaster.

Source: Girl Brand Guitars website (archived 2004)



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