God City Instruments

product types: 

  • distortion effects
  • fuzz effects
  • overdrive and boost effects
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Kurt Ballou founded God City Instruments (GCI) in 2011. Ballou  is the owner of God City Recording Studio owner as well as the guitarist for Converge. He started off making guitars and snare drums for himself and his friends but it took until 2016 for the first commercial GCI product release. This was the Brutalist Jr. DIY PCB distortion pedal- initially designed as a business card for the studio. This was a huge success and spurred Kurt on to design more effects pedals including the SBD Fuzz, the Medicine Boost and the Riffchild. Small runs of the pedals were made in the studio basement and sold online via the GCI Reverb shop. The full scale commercial launch of GCI was in 2019 and now the product range includes guitars, basses, effects and you can still get the DIY effects PCBs that started it all.

Source: God City Instruments website (23 September 2022)


God City Instruments Salem , MA
United States
Massachusetts US