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product types: 

  • solid state amplifiers
  • cleaners and polish


Gorilla was a budget amplifier brand in the 1980s onwards. For many guitarists a low powered, solid state, Tawainese made Gorilla was their first amplifier. When Howard Chatt bought the Pignose Amps company in 1985, he re-named it Pignose-Gorilla - possibly Chatt was behind the launch of the Gorilla brand? Circa 2002 the Gorilla line up included:

  • GG-10 Guitar Amp, Entry Level - 10w $79.95
  • GG-20 Guitar Amp, The Original - 20w  $109.95
  • GG-20R Guitar Amp, 20w with reverb  $155.95
  • GG-20C Guitar Amp, 20w with chorus effect $149.95 
  • GB-30 Bass/Keyboard Amp, 30w $149.95
  • TC-35 Guitar Amp, The Tube Cruncher - 35w $164.95

Source: PSS Distribution Gorilla amps website (archived 2003)