Graph Tech

product types: 

  • pickups
  • bridges
  • nuts
  • electronics
  • saddles
  • hardware
  • picks (plectrums)
  • machineheads (tuning keys)


The GraphTech brand was founded by Dave Dunwoodie. As a guitarist Dunwoodie was troubled by string binding on traditional guitar nuts.

"I went to do my first big “wang” and went totally out of tune" Dave says. "I couldn't use the guitar for stage work at all".

Dave began experimenting with a variety of composite guitar nuts designed to eliminate string binding before engineering the world’s first self-lubricating nut, a formula that is 500% slipperier than graphite.


Graph Tech Guitar Labs U.S.A.
145 Tyee Drive
98281 Point Poberts , WA
United States
Washington US