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The Guadagnini family were a dynasty of Italian luthiers beginning with Lorenzo Guadagnini (1689-1748) who used the label “Laurentius Guadagnini, alumnus Antonius Stradivarius,” suggesting he may have studied with Stradivarius in Cremona towards the end of his life. Lorenzo’s son, Giovanni Battista Guadagnini (1711 - 1786) trained with his father & perhaps also Stradivarius and his violins are regarded as the best of the Guadagnini family. He had 2 sons, Giuseppe Guadagnini (1736-1805) and Gaetano Guadagnini (1745-1831), continued the family tradition and manufactured some good instruments (including guitars and mandolins). Guadagnini violin-making continued over 4 more generations in Turin. The last one was Paolo Guadagnini who died in World War II in 1942.

Source:The Guadagnini. Family of Violin Makers. Ernest N. Doring (Chicago, 1949).


Gaetano Gaudagnini
Piazza S. Carlo
Torino , TO
Torino IT