product types: 

  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Guttlin Guitars is a Belgium-based custom guitar manufacturer established in 2007 by musician Karel Phlix. Seeking to create distinct models with a vintage essence, Phlix developed the Thin King, a guitar design that pays homage to classic styles while maintaining a unique identity. Over time, Guttlin expanded its repertoire to encompass a range of original designs for various guitar types and basses.

In addition to crafting guitars, Guttlin ventured into pickup production under the brand "BarBar Pickups," and manufactures bridges, tailpieces, and knobs in-house. The company uses traditional manufacturing techniques, eschewing CNC machining, 3D printing, or outsourcing, emphasizing the creation of "HANDCRAFTED ORIGINALS."

Guttlin Guitars operates on a commission basis, with prices contingent on the desired model and specifications chosen by customers. Phlix strives to maintain affordability for musicians, with instrument prices ranging from 950 to 2000 Euros.

Source: Guttlin Guitars website (20 September 2023)


Guttlin Guitars
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