Hafner & Sutphin (H&S)

product types: 

  • banjos
  • mandolins
  • ukuleles
  • acoustic guitars


John P. Hafner (1856 - 1929) and Eugene H. Sutphin (1876-1965) founded a musical instrument and small good company in Philadelphia . J.P. Hafner was connected with the small goods trade for many years, having previously been employed by the firm of Klemm Brothers from 1873 until it closed in 1877 and thenseveral other large dealers of musical instruments including Zimmerman (harp house) . E.A. Sutphin also had many years of training in the business - he was formerly connected with the firm of Robert C. Kretschner. In 1911 they organized the firm of Hafner & Sutphin at 149 North Ninth Street, Philadelphia as jobbers of musical instruments and small goods. In 1921 they moved their premises to a four storey building at 925 Arch Street in 1921. The ground floor was the sales and show rooms with the other floors used for storage. They had a complete line of merchandise. Some of the popular brands sold by the firm in 1922 included Pan-American saxophones and band instruments, Vega stringed instruments, JTL clarinets, Fairbanks banjos, Hohner harmonicas and accordions, Ludwig drums, Reicher violins and H&S strings. They also sold instruments with their own Hafner & Sutphin (H&S) brand name, as well as their Sterling and Rydal brands. In 1926 Hafner retired and the firm became E.A. Sutphin.

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Hafner & Sutphin
925 Arch Street
Philadelphia , PA
United States
Pennsylvania US