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  • electric guitars


There is not much information on the Halifax brand. It was used on some Japanese made acoustic guitars in the 1960s and 1970s (according to www.jedistar.com). It was also used on Italian (Crucianelli) made guitars in the 1960s. This suggests it was used by a distributer (American?) on imported instruments.

The logo on the Japanese guitars is white handwritten "Halifax". On the Italian guitars it is a white underlined "HALIFAX", capital letters in an italic font.


Halifax Guitar L5 copy

I  owned a L5 copy with Halifax on the head stock it was maple top back and sides natural. Unfortunally it got stolen. I've been looking for a exact replacement for years. Seems they were made by Ibanez in Japan is what I was told. Called a lawsuit era guitar ? I have not seen one for sale since anywhere not even reverb ?

Halifax L5

I've had one since 1986 or so. My first decent guitar and an excellent Jazz guitar.  Mine is the "2455" here: https://vintagejapanguitars.com/ibanez-1976-electric-guitars-catalogue/