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  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Helmut Hanika was born into a family of luthiers in 1932 in Schönbach in what is now the Czech Republic. After the war Hanika's family left and settled in Bubenreth, Bavaria and Helmut began learning violin making from his grandfather. His grandfather's workshop supplied the US troops with stringed instruments as well as making instruments for Framus. Helmut Hanika founded his own company in 1953 called SOLI, making acoustic guitars in Baiersdorf near Erlangen. His main customers in those days were Hopf and then Mufag. His son Armin was born in 1964 and in 1966 Helmut was awarded his master craftsman qualification. Armin started an apprenticeship with his father in 1980 and eventually took over the business in 1993. Currently Hanika focus on producing classical and flamenco guitars.

Source: Hanika Guitars website


Hanika Guitars
Egerstraße 12a
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