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Anton Hannabach established the “Anton Hannabach, Musikinstrumenten- und Saitenfabrikation” musical instruments and string manufacturing company in 1869 in Schönbach, Bohemia (now known as Luby and part of the Czech Republic). This area has a long history of instrument making with a mild climate, mountainous landscape and oak and spruce forests providing an ideal location for stringed instrument manufacture. As well as selling string instruments made elsewhere, Anton also made his own instrument strings by hand. Anton Hannabach’s son Karl took over the business in 1910. In turn Karl's sons Arthur and Adolf also continued the family business. After the Second World War, both Arthur and Adolf had to leave Schönbach for the German province of Bavaria. They settled in Bubenreuth and Egglkofen respectively. Arthur specialized in guitars and his son, Gerold Karl Hannabach, is a well known guitarmaker in Bubenreuth. Adolf Hannabach, his wife Elisabeth and his son Werner rebuilt the string making business from scratch in Egglkofen. Eventually in 1956 bought some land in Sonnenweg in Egglkofen and established a small workshop. The Hannabach company is still located on the same site, but is now run by Adolf's son Werner.

Source: Hannabach website


Hannabach GmbH, Musiksaiten
Sonnenweg 6
84546 Egglkofen , BY
Bayern DE

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