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Peter Harlan (1898-1966) trained as a guitar maker in Markneukirchen in eastern Germany and set up a workshop with his father in 1920. He also played in an early music quintet in venues across Germany. Through his interests in historical music and instrument manufacture Harlan became instrumental in the reintroduction of the recorder as a popular instrument (although he did not make these himself).  After the second world war, Peter Harlan moved from Saxony, transferring his personal collection of musical instruments to Sternberg castle near Dörentrup in North Rhine-Westphalia. Harlan expanded the collection continuously and resumed instrument building. Harlan constructed various historical stringed instruments including viola da gamba and lutes and also offered courses on early music and instrument making. After his death in 1966  the work was carried on by his sons Till and Klaus and ultimately resulted in the "Klingendenmuseum", which is now set up in the castle.

Source: The Recorder: A Research and Information Guide. R.W. Griscom & D. Lasocki. 2013. Routledge


Burg Sternberg Dörentrup , NW
Nordrhein-Westfalen DE