Heidi von Ruden

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Heidi von Ruden is a German luthier who makes classical & baroque guitars as well as restoring instruments. Her background is as follows:

  • 2013 Greifswald Bachelor of Arts / Musicology and Art History
  • 2008 St. Petersburg / RU Award for the best design of a concert guitar
  • 2006 Poznan / PL residency at the Muzeum Instrumentów Muzycznych
  • 2002 Berlin opening of her guitar workshop (with Angela Waltner)
  • 2000 Markneukirchen graduate designer (FH) / musical instrument making
  • 2000 Berlin restorer at the SIM PK musical instrument museum
  • 2000 Chemnitz master plucked instrument maker
  • 1996 Newark / GB Guitarmaking Course at Newark & Sherwood College
  • 1994 Bischofsheim apprenticeship as wood sculptor

Source: Heidi von Ruden website (archived 2018)


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