product types: 

  • preamps
  • tube amplifiers
  • compression and sustain effects


HendyAmps is a amplifier and studio gear brand founded by Chris Henderson. All Hendyamps products are hand-built in the USA and use all tube, point to point, hand wired construction. Specialties include:

- Single ended guitar amps (think Fender Champ style, etc.)

- Vintage style guitar amps (any Marshall, Fender, Vox style, etc)

- Ultra high gain, modern style guitar amps (distortion levels at or higher than 5150, Mesa Dual Rec, Diezel Herbert, etc)

- Studio preamps (typically using ef86's, 12ax7's, 12au7's, etc., along with Jensen Transformers for sweet, pure tube goodness)

- Studio Compressors (all tube, Jensen Transformers, primarily optical compressors like the la2a or la3a)

- Studio Channel Strips (any combination of preamp and optical compressor)

Source: HendyAmps website


United States