Henman Bevilacqua

Parent brand: 

product types: 

  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Henman Bevilacqua (Hen-Bev) guitars started in 2005, when guitar maker Scotty Bevilacqua approached his long time friends, Paris and Graham Henman, to start an electric guitars brand. Paris and Graham would bring their design, fashion and film world experience to the table and Scotty, his craftsmanship, quality and his insistence on ultimate tone. Two years later at NAMM 2007 they exhibited their prototypes. Henman-Bevilacqua Guitars was born. The range included the Rocka and Mod guitars and the Rola bass. The instruments licensed Dave Bunker's tension free neck design (Bevilacqua had previously apprenticed with Dave Bunker). Around 2010 Scotty Bevilacqua left the company and it became Henman Guitars.

Source: Hen-Bev guitars website (archived 2009)