product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Jeroen Hilhorst is a graduate in Dutch linguistics and literature who specialized in computational linguistics and worked in the software industry. At the same time he was often making things in his father's carpentry workshop. In 1989 he combined his scientific background with his wood working skills and started designing and making classical guitars. Starting slowly he made around 2 guitars per year but increased to around 6. Hilhorst's guitars often employ innovative features to increase sound projection such as internal centre braces, double tops and reinforced graphite necks. He also offered an unusual oval classical guitar, a contrabass concert guitar, a soprano concert guitar and a concert charango. Hilhorst retired from guitar making in December 2020 and moved to a more rural location in the Netherlands.

Source: Jeroen Hilhorst website


Jeroen Hilhorst