Alternative name: 

Holeyboard Pedalboards

product types: 

  • effects pedal boards and cases


Holeyboard Pedalboards is a pedal board brand founded by Chris Trifilio. Holeyboard make folded, perforated sheet metal pedal boards which enable you to attach pedals easily using zip-ties. Before dedicating himself to the music industry, Trifilio worked on a diverse range of products, including blowtorches, snow sleds, and medical devices. In 2014, driven by his passion for music and product design, he founded Chemistry Design Werks in his small garage in St. Paul and began focusing full-time on developing Holeyboard Pedalboards. Trifilio's approach to business is hands-on, as he is involved in every step of the process from design to shipping, ensuring that musicians receive a product that is both innovative and functional.

Source: Holeyboard Pedalboards website (5 March 2024)


Chemistry Design Werks
2400 North 2nd Street
55411 Minneapolis , MN
United States
Minnesota US