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Richard Howell was born in Surrey, England and made his first classical guitar 1966. After moving to Australia in 1972 he met Jason Waldron who ran the Adelaide Spanish Guitar Centre and began making guitars for him. Having studied the guitars of the best guitar makers including Fleta, Hauser, Hernandez y Aguado - Howell was particularly inspired by Fleta and Howell's guitars have a clear Fleta influence.

He works alone in a small workshop at the back of his house in Mornington, Victoria, building instruments one at a time for the most part, and using traditional hand tools and finishes for a vast majority of the work. Circa 2007 he had made over 400 instruments.

Source: Richard Howell Classical Guitars website


Richard Howell Hand Crafted Classical Guitars
3931 Mornington , VIC
Victoria AU