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  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Howie Guitars was founded in 2015 by Craig and Jen Howie, in Longmont, Colorado. They formed the business model for a guitar company even though they had no idea how to build a guitar at the time. They decided to just go for it and whenever they messed up they learned from their mistakes. When Craig builds a guitar today you will see many of the traditional techniques that he developed out of necessity, but you will also see some very unique ideas that have never been done before. An example of this is the patented double-nautilus shell shaped skeleton inside Howie semi-hollow guitars. This is the result of coming at the process with a beginner brain and not being afraid to fail. By 2022 they had a range of standard models including: the escape series, the griffin series and phoenix series guitars as well as the bull series basses.

Source: Howie Guitars website (9 October 2022)


Howie Guitars
1154 Lefthand Drive
80501 Longmont , CO
United States
Colorado US