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Benito Huipe started making guitars in his hometown of Paracho west of Mexico City. His first job was to put strings and tuners on guitars in the workshop of a family friend, Luis Vargas. His brother Miguel Huipe went to a school in Mexico City to learn the basics of instrument craftsmanship and he passed on his knowledge to Benito.  On moving to the USA in the late 1970s Benito worked at the Valdez Guitar Shop in West Hollywood, where he repaired fine classical guitars. This gave Benito the chance to learn by carefully studying the work of other guitar makers.

After five years of working there he set up his own workshop in his garage. He took his instruments he made there to restaurants that featured flamenco music eventually attracted several faithful customers. Huipe continued to work in his garage workshop for 15 years until evicted by his landlord.  In 1989 he opened a workshop on Washington Boulevard in Culver City, it had a handmade sign outside that read, "Benito Huipe, Handmade Guitars,". At some point in the 1990s Huipe closed the Los Angeles workshop and moved back to Paracho.

Source: Grand Guitars : Instruments: Benito Huipe takes months to create masterpieces that are played by concert and flamenco artists throughout the country. By John Rivera. Los Angeles Times. October 25, 1990.


Benito Huipe
Independencia Morelos
60250 Paracho de Verduzco , MIC
Michoacan MX