Jacobson (Paul)

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Paul Jacobson was born in 1940. On graduating from the University of Maryland in 1963 he worked for the CIA for 4 years before moving to Kansas City where he worked as a salesman. He started his own plastics business which did not suceed. In 1974 he started learning to play the classical guitar and in the same year, under the guidance of Macario Briseño, he made his first classical guitar. Since 1984 he has worked full time as a guitar maker. Although things started slowly by the end of the 1980s several high profile classical guitarists were using Jacobson guitars which helped increase the popularity of his instruments.

Source: Paul Jacobson guitars website


Paul Jacobson (by appointment only)
2116 East Clover Hills Road
64734 Cleveland , MO
United States
Missouri US