Jennings (Electronics Industries)

product types: 

  • cabinets
  • tube amplifiers
  • fuzz effects
  • wah and filter effects
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


The Jennings Organ Company was founded in Dartford, Kent by Thomas Walter Jennings following the Second World War. Initially Jennings' main product was the Univox electronic keyboard. The company was renamed Jennings Musical Industries (JMI) in 1958 as they began to offer other musical equipment. 1958 saw the launch of the Vox AC15 amplifier followed in 1959 by the Vox AC30. In 1964, to raise capital for JMI's expansion, Tom Jennings sold his controlling interest to the Royston Group, a British holding company, and the American rights to the Thomas Organ Company. 

Tom Jennings was dismissed from JMI in 1967. He won a legal case for wrongful dismissal and used this money to set up another company - Jennings Electronic Industries (JEI). Jennings Electronic Industries operated for several years, making an updated and rebadged version of the AC30 along with other amplifiers, as well as organs and drum machines and guitar effects. In the early 1970s JEI were also offering a series of rifle shaped guitars and basses.

Source: JEI catalog 1972
Source: JEI history


Jennings Electronic Industries Limited
117-119 Dartford Road
DA1 3EN Dartford , KEN
United Kingdom
Kent GB