Jim Kelley

product types: 

  • tube amplifiers


Jim Kelley Amplifiers were made by Kelley's Active Guitar Electronics company from 1978 to 1985 in Tustin California. The Jim Kelley amplifier had three position power switch which selected output power of either 30 or 60 watts by switching two of the four output tubes in or out of the circuit. A reverb control on the back panel controlled a Hammond three-spring short decay reverb unit. Cabinets were available in a variety of rare and exotic hardwoods as well as vinyl covered birch plywood. Kelley also offered a power attenuator unit to allow the overdriven tube sound at lower volumes. The Jim Kelley amplifier was reissued by Suhr (under license from Kelley) from 2012 to 2017.

Source: Jim Kelley catalogs

Source: Suhr website - Jim Kelley


Active Guitar Electronics, Suite M
2650 Walnut Avenue
92680 Tustin , CA
United States
California US