product types: 

  • tube amplifiers
  • fuzz effects
  • overdrive and boost effects


Tom Jennings founded his UK firm in 1957 and found success with the introduction of the Vox AC15 and AC30 tube guitar amplifiers. Jennings Musical Industries was re launched in In 1997, by Richard and Justin Harrison, then owners of Hiwatt amplification UK and Music Ground Ltd. At the time the Vox brand was owned by Korg, and unlike the Korg Vox amplifiers being manufactured then, the Harrisons wanted to make exact reproductions of the original Jennings-Denney designs. In early days of the new JMI, a small number of 50W and 100W hand-wired heads were produced, as well as cabinets. In 2005 the company decided to make models JMI 15/4, JMI 30/4, JMI 30/6 and the JMI 30TV Front. The amps were made available in the classic black, smooth tolex and a 100% replica of the original fawn tolex. Other options included a choice of speakers, either Celestion Greenback or JMI (Fane made) Blue Alnico Speakers. A new JMI gold logo adorned the front of the cabinets, completing the product made to the original Jennings/Denney specifications. These went on general sale in 2006. In 2008 JIM introduced a range of vintage fuzz and tone booster effects pedals (although circa 2022 these appear to be discontinued). The UK Jennings Musical Industries Ltd. company was dissolved in 2017 and it seems UK production of JMI has stopped. Its unclear who owns the brand now but there are much cheaper Chinese made JMI amplifiers for sale (circa 2022) in the USA.

Source: JMI UK website (archived 2017)

Source: Jennings Musical Industries USA website - Chinese made JMI (21 March 2022)


JMI Sales, Unit 1, Holmeroyd Road,
Bentley Moor Lane Carcroft
DN6 7BH Doncaster
United Kingdom