John McGuire

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  • electric guitars


John McGuire was raised in a guitar manufacturing enviroment - his father is luthier Mike McGuire of Valley Arts Guitars fame. In 1993  Mike McGuire decided to move John and the rest of his family to Nashville to start a new career with the Gibson Custom Shop. John turned sixteen the next year started to work at Gibson’s Custom Shop after school. John studied an associates course in CAD and applied sciences, while at the same time getting experience in almost every department at Gibson Custom including sanding, fret filing, final assembly, and packing. He then started working full-time in engineering at Gibson Custom Shop where he designed  models including the Flying V Custom and the Flying V standard flame top. In 2004 John moved to work with First Act Inc. as a production manager for their custom shop in Somerville, MA.  John McGuire is now building boutique electric guitars at his home near Boston Massachusetts.

Source: John McGuire Guitars website (25 February 2021)


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