John Ray

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


John Ray moved from Canada to Granada in 1989 to learn guitar making while also working as a teacher. He recieved help and tips from Jonathan Hinves, Jose Angel Chacón and the master Antonio Marín. In 1996 he made a firm decision to become a full time guitar maker. He met Rolf Eichinger in 1999 who passed on knowledge learned from the Granada makers. Eichinger occupied the workshop next to Ray for nine years and was a great source of help and friendship until his death in 2009. Ray currently makes classical and flamenco guitars using designs and techniques developed from the study of the guitars of Torres, Barbero, Lorca and Hernández Santos but also infused with his own unique style.

Source: John Ray website


John Ray
Solares 50 bajo
Granada , GD
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