Jol Dantzig

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  • electric guitars


Jolyon "Jol" Dantzig has been making guitars since 1973. He has worked for Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Guild and Ovation but is best known as a founding partner of Hamer Guitars. At Hamer Dantzig pioneered the modern vintage boutique electric guitar with high quality instruments inspired by vintage Gibsons but with modern improvements. When Hamer Guitars was acquired by Kaman in 1988, Dantzig served as a consultant for a while eventually returning properly in 1997 as technical director. When Fender bought Kaman in 2008 Dantzig remained in various roles for Fender until 2010 when he left to establish his own company - Dantzig Guitars. Dantzig offers 2 levels of guitars. The Dantzig Siganture Series models are hand made by the master himself whereas the Team Built models are made by Dantzig's team of luthiers.

Source: Dantzig Guitars website (26 May 2022)


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