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Telesforo Bavel Julve Jordán was born in 1884 in Villarroya de los Pinares, Teruel, Spain. He apprenticed with his uncle, Andres Marin, before setting up a guitar and string making business in 1909 with Francisco Armengol Barrera and Francisco Lloréns Igual in Arzobispo Mayoral 11, Valencia. This company was called "Armengol, Lloréns y Julve" but in 1915 the name was changed to just "Lloréns y Julve". From 1918 Telesforo Julve took over the sole responsibility for the company and the guitars were labelled just "Telesforo Julve". In 1933 Telesforo Julve expanded by taking over the Salvador Ibáñez é Hijos company. Telesforo Julve died in 1945, but the business was carried on by his sons Juan and Telesforo Jr. By the early 1970s the business was facing increasing competition from low priced Asian imports and the string making business was affected by the introduction of nylon strings. The company stopped making guitars in 1972 but carried on as a music shop and string maker until 1992.

Source: Telesforo Julve page by Ton Bogaard (2 November 2017)


Telesforo Julve, Fabrica de Guitarras, Bordones y Cuerdas
Calle del Arzobispo Mayoral 13
Valencia , VC
Valencia ES

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